Web Design Perth, Sydney and Melbourne
We all want a good looking website and we’re happy to say some of ours are truly impressive!  With that said, there’s no point having an awesome site if your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, if it’s too slow, or it doesn’t have the capability to grow with your business.  Our web design team work side-by-side with the developers (yep, they’re two different people) to create websites that work on every level.

Working from a comprehensive brief, our creative gurus design truly unique websites with intelligent information architecture every day.  Your design is built from the ground-up and is specifically tailored to highlight your strengths and appeal to your defined target audience.
In our books, that’s the measure of good design.

Web Development Perth, Sydney and Melbourne
Our websites aren’t just eye candy – they’re valuable business tools designed to promote, sell, educate and inform.  From planning the content and layout, to the technical implementation (we call it coding) and ongoing management and maintenance, our websites are developed using internationally recognised standards to ensure the highest level of stability for your business. The bulk of our development is done using the renowned Drupal System. Find out more about Drupal.

Content Management
Gone are the days when websites were designed, launched to great fanfare and then abandoned.  Today, best practice means all Bouncing Orange websites developed with our customised Drupal System come with an in-built Content Management System (CMS) so you can make instant updates including editing, deleting or adding text content; uploading and changing photos and videos; and even moving pages around. This means your clients can be updated as to the latest news and information which is both engaging and also encourages a ‘dialogue’ between you and your clients. Added to that, we integrate some data from Google Analytics directly into the CMS so you will have easy access to a range of statistics regarding your website's traffic.

Once your website is live, we'll provide you with training on using the CMS and afterwards we're always here to talk you through anything you need help with.

And the good news is, you don’t have to be a computer geek to work a CMS – we promise!

eCommerce solutions
Want to expand your customer base? Online shopping can boost your revenue exponentially by exposing your product or service to the world.  We have an impressive track-record developing online shopping solutions for a range of Australian-based businesses. Our experienced designers and developers know how to create simple, yet captivating shopping sites to drive and capture sales.  Trade globally, every minute of every day, for minimal ongoing cost – now that’s got to be good for business.

Interactive features
If you want to add some dynamism to your website, you might want to consider including interactive features such as customised slide shows, complex web forms, clever navigation systems, blogs, advanced calendars, interactive maps and more.  We can advise on the most powerful, fun and engaging way to connect with your audience using the latest technologies compatible with all new platforms.

Standards & Accessibility
Accessibility is the core ingredient to a website’s ability to attract and retain readers. Accessibility relates to both the visual design and the functionality of the site and our designers and developers keep this in mind at every stage of production. Our websites conform to global standards of accessibility, in particular the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and as such, are viewable on many platforms, including the majority of mobile phone users.

All of our sites are thoroughly browser checked to ensure they display correctly on a range of popular web browsers for PC and Mac users. For PC users, we support Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9+ and Chrome. For MAC users, we support Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+ and Chrome.

Hosting & Domain
Everyone needs a place to call home and your new website is no exception. At Bouncing Orange we’ve partnered with a respected local web hosting company to provide a range of hosting packages that provide great security and exceptional performance to boot.
We can even manage your email hosting if that's all you need. Or register your domain name.  Simply call us – we’re the real estate agents of cyberspace!


Digital Marketing Strategy
Core to our success is our ability to understand your business - who you’re currently talking to, what markets you’ve missed, what you want to achieve, areas for growth, who your competitors are.  All this information (and anything else you’d like to throw at us) will help us devise an online marketing strategy that will meet both your immediate and long-term online goals. 

The vast majority of your potential online customers will use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find the product or service they’re looking for.  And research shows 93% of people never look beyond the first few pages of a search result.  So how do you get your business to appear above your competitors?  Sorry to say, magic won’t make it happen, but astute Search Engine Optimisation practices will. Talk to us about how we can help you get a bigger slice of the market by improving your organic rankings.

Newsletters & EDM’s
Research has shown businesses that enjoy a relationship with their customers are more likely to succeed.  That’s because consumers want to be appreciated, not passed off as another faceless sale.  One way you can demonstrate your appreciation is by communicating regularly with your customers.  And not just when you’re desperate to clear stock or sell the latest gizmo that’s just arrived in the warehouse. Emarketing allows you to communicate ‘news’ to your clients, but it also enables you to establish a two-way relationship by acknowledging and thanking your customers for their support.  And, the best part is, it’s cheap and easy!  We can build an eNewsletter template designed specifically for your business which you can populate yourself with stories, articles, news items and more or we can design one off electronic direct mail pieces for specific promotions or events.

Social media
When you consider Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and LinkedIn are firmly positioned in the top 10 most used sites in the world, you realise just how important social media is to today’s online communication.  At Bouncing Orange, we’ve been posting comments and tweets since these sites were launched – so we’re very familiar with all social media platforms. We can set up and/or manage your Facebook Business page, your YouTube Channel or even your Pinterest account. To benefit the most from these networks we can also provide training or a comprehensive strategy and community management service.

Display / Banner advertising
Our designers and animators can produce an eye-catching on-line banner, text or video ad to attract visitors to your website.  Banner ads can be created to complement an existing press or TV campaign (to support or promote a competition or online promotion) or scheduled to accompany an Adword or web optimisation program.  We can even provide advice on the best sites to place your ad and manage your advertising program on your behalf.

Web analytics
Knowing what web pages your customers are visiting; how they’re finding your site; and how many new and unique visitors are stopping-by every month is critical to evaluating its success.  For this reason, all Bouncing Orange websites come with Google Analytics which is a complete statistical analysis package - so you can monitor the daily, weekly or monthly web-surfing habits of your customers with a click of a button.


Logo design

Your logo is a key starting point to building your brand. A brilliant logo will convey your message effortlessly to your target audience and begin to grow awareness about your business. It is most often the centrepoint around which the rest of your branding is created, so it must be timeless, flexible, and yet be completely unique

In creating your logo, we will sit down with you and get to know as much about your business as possible. We will listen. We will do the research and our designers will develop a logo design for you which will then be fine tuned until we get it right.

Our designers have worked on countless logo creations for clients in numerous industries to devise cutting-edge creations that will reproduce in a myriad of applications (letterhead, business cards, signage, posters, stickers, car decals, uniforms, merchandise – not to mention websites!), so you can be certain that we have the expertise to develop the right logo for you.

Brand development
If your logo is the pure distillation of your company's image transferred in a single graphic, then the role of your branding is to supplement that snapshot into a full bodied and fully fleshed identity. Consumers will form a very quick impression about your business based on your branding so you need to make sure that impression is a lasting one.

We will strive to create a brand that speaks to your audience, working with you to flesh out the colour palette, fonts and other design elements that will come together to form your unique brand identity.

Our designs will set the tone for your business, stand-up against your competitors and last the test of time.

Ambient design
A good brand or message should be experienced in multiple ways. We are always looking at new and innovative methods to engage your customers and to enhance your overall brand. Environmental / ambient brand integration can be an effective way to communicate your message or brand through tangible and interactive avenues. We have design, project management and consultancy experience in everything from signage and point of sale through to office fit out and display suite creation. As a digital agency we use our mixed media technical expertise to full effect to provide truly experiential design solutions.

If you’ve ever attempted to write mission statements, company profiles, product explanations, TVC scripts or your own web copy, you’ll know it’s harder than you thought.  An independent copywriter will quickly work-out the key selling points of your business and convey these in a language and tone that’s targeted to your customers.  And don’t forget, good copy can improve your search engine ranking, so having an expert manage your copywriting needs makes good business sense. 


Motion infographics

At Bouncing Orange we can create advanced corporate or cartoon animations using the latest techniques to highlight a specific message or draw attention to an individual web page. Our animators can take a simple brief and develop the animation through story board, character design, illustration, and finally movie publishing for all viewing platforms.


Graphic design

Whatever your logo or branding, our designers will make sure it stands out from your competitors, whether it's applied to branding collaterals such as stationary, brochures and presentation folders or promotional materials such as signage, posters, flyers, stickers, car decals, uniforms, merchandise, point of sale structures – and of course websites! We can do it all.

Printing solutions
We offer a full range of professional printing solutions for stationery, signage, stickers, light boxes, billboards, brochures and so much more! With a number of trusted and reputable digital and offset printers on speed dial, we can assist with any of your printing requirements.


IOS APP Development

iOS is the world's most advanced mobile platform, constantly redefining what's possible on a mobile device. Here at The Orange we design and develop iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that suit both your business' and your clients' needs by taking the user experience to a whole new level. Researches have shown that iOS apps are useful for simple and repetitive access and that, in some cases, they are used more than mobile websites. It's an emerging platform that can establish your brand, build customer loyalty and direct traffic to your website.


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