Shoreline Maribe Fabrications engaged Bouncing Orange to assist them initially with creating a better and more visually pleasing government tender documentation. After some extensive industry based research we decided to amend their existing identity somewhat to reflect a slighly different direction for the company. We then set out to design a tender document layout based on the specifics of the government tender at hand. This template design is now being able to be used by Shoreline Marine Fabrications for all their tender submissions.

We then set out to re-design and re-develop their site into a different online platform, Drupal. With the new direction and modified identity we set out to create a fully responsive site that would appeal more to their actual target demo graphics and also position them within the industry as a market leader. The result and outcome of these projects were that they were successful in obtaining the well needed government tender and backed up by their newly created online presence. The web site has received great reviews and has continued to bring our client new work.

We have been very pleased to have been able to create these results for our client and we look forward to a long term relationship.


  • Research
  • Positioning
  • Identity re-design
  • Brand colleteral design
  • Creative
  • Graphic design
  • Taxonomy
  • User flows
  • Wire frames
  • Creative web design concepts and full web design
  • Drupal web development with a number of very customised modules
  • Testing and benchmarking
  • Deployment and training of Shoreline Marine Fabrications'sĀ internal staff

Please view below to see a web site walk through